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YAE = Yet Another Euonym

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I've always been reading lots of stuff, so…

Some of my favourite authors and series are:

Role-playing games and related stuff:

Finnish rpg stuff:

Some online cartoon strips I've found:

(Ordered to some extent as to how much I like them. My up-to-date and complete list(s) can be found as the last link in this section; they're actually divided on four pages...)

Other online comic lists:

Anime and Manga:

Computer games:

For computer-related words, abbreviations, acronyms or other such:

Other computer stuff:

Blogs and other sites with a decent update rate

RPGs, games and adjacent

Technical and science stuff

Advice columns and such


Youtube or other video content I follow at least somewhat regulary:

Other organizations with even partially useful information:

Religious stuff, but slightly different than any of the above ones...

Other humorous stuff

Other personal interests

(that didn't quite fit anywhere earlier. Many of these are Finnish.)

Other random pages

More random pages, in Finnish

My Main page, though there's not much anything interesting there.
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